I have been born and raised in this village. My village is my heritage where generations of my family have lived and serviced. Over the years, I have seen people from my village travelling miles to receive medical treatment even for minor illnesses. In this day and age the absence of any basic or emergency medical facility within the village adds to their misery thus making their life very difficult. Many people in the village come from a poor background with no access to financial resources making it impossible for them to travel at times for emergency treatments. I have witnessed the suffering, discomfort and at times loss of lives due to the absence of any medical facility in my village which greatly saddened me. I always had a vision to do something about it whenever, I was in a position to do so. Now that I am in a position to take some action and help my people so they can have a basic medical facility, I plan to set up this welfare organization. This organization will not be receiving any form of help either from the government or any other institution. I plan to work independently and allocate resources to ensure that my village has a basic health care unit or dispensary which could provide the much need medical care. My aim is to have enough resources available to run the basic health care unit or dispensary 24/7 so people from my village could access it in times of need. My intention is to ensure that good quality medical care is provided to the people of my village whether it is minor ailment or an emergency.

Mr. Anees Ur Rehman (CHAIRMAN)

S/O Abdul Waheed