SWMC aims to serve the community and the local people of Salhad in every possible way, hence a step has been taken by SWMC to establish the JANAZAGAH in Salhad, Abbottabad.

Every Muslim has three Basic rights upon other Muslims:
"Responding to his Salaams, Making Tamest when he sneezes, and burying them when he dies".

Community Janazagah Aims

Community Janazagah aims to serve the Muslim population who may need assistance when they returned to Allah with no resources available to properly bury this individual

“Every soul shall have a taste of death: and we test you by evil and by good by way of trail, to Us must ye return.”

Sura Al- Anbiya. Chapter #21, verse #35

SWMC team is working day and night to complete this project as soon as possible with a projected deadline of 15th October 2022. The construction is in process and will be complete very soon Insha’Allah. You can also visit the news and events sections for latest updates regarding the project.